Discover Vejer
in a different way by learning about its history and legends through theatrical song

The company

Marimantas Vejer

Marimantas Vejer is a young business dedicated to Cultural Tourism and activities, whose roots are firmly based in the troubadour tradition of Vejer de la Frontera.

One of the company's main aims is to re-evaluate the historical and artistic legacy of Vejer and re-discover its old traditions, stories, legends and adventures, under the auspices of Sustainable Tourism.

Through studying its history and acquiring detailed knowledge of the town, Marimantas Vejer has initiated a series of innovative activities that combine tourism, culture and entertainment. Some of our activities:

  • Musical tours
  • Theatrical visits
  • Historical recreations
  • Creation and implementation of cultural projects and programmes

Awarded with the “Vejer Emprende 2014” Prize